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Tardy Policy

If anyone walks into school after 8:15 they will be considered tardy.  The student should then arrive at the main office for a late pass to their current period. If you are not in school before 9:00am you will be considered absent. If the student is tardy more than three (3) times it will be considered and absen´╗┐ce and there will be a call home.


Early Dismissible Policy

If any person needs to leave the building in the middle of the school day for any reason, they should present a note with a time and reason to the office and previous teacher. The note should be initialed and approved. This will become your pass for you to leave the building early. 


Early Arrival Policy

Students who arrive to school before homeroom begins are required to immediately arrive to their appropriate destination. (Sixth Grade- C WING, Seventh Grade- Lunch Room, Eight Grade- Gymnasium) No student should come to school before 7:45 because there will be no teachers to supervise at the time.


Absence Policy

The Denville Board of Education excuses missing students for the following reasons:

  • Personal Sickness (with a note from a doctor or parent/ guardian)
  • Death of Relative or Friend
  • Religious Holidays
  • Family Emergencies 
  • Court Presence

   * Other Approved Absences by the Administrative Office (includes field trips, competitions, or performances)


For any other reason, the student will be considered unexcused for that day. After five (5) unexcused absences, a letter will be sent home as a reminder. Any more unexcused absences can result in detention or legal action.



If you are absent you must call the main office.


Missed work should me made up by the teacher's deadline. If the person is absent for more than three days, then work should be picked up at the main office by the student's parent/ guardian. Parents should also contact the Vice Principal for a conference regarding student's work.

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