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Locks and Locker Guidelines

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Lockers are considered the property of the Denville Board of Education and its schools.  The school administration has the right to check any locker when reasonable grounds for a search exist.  Students are warned not to keep any vlauables and expensive items inside any locker.  Only locks from the school are allowed to be put on the locker.  You can not bring your own lock to school.  If your lock is lost you must pay $6.00 for a replacement lock.  You must have a lock on your locker at all times and you may not share your locker combonation with anyone.  Students are only allowed at their lockers before homeroom period, before and after lunch, at dismissal, and with a teachers permission.



Pros: Students can keep all iteams safe in their lockers. People trust and feel secure with locks. Even if you forget your combonation the janitor, and your gym locker partner can tell you what it is.
Cons: Somtimes students can find out peoples locker combonation. You should never tell anyone your combonation. Its always a tight sqeeze to get into your locker in the morning

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