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Virtual Student Constitution - 2011 Edition

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ATTENDANCE/TARDINESS GUIDELINES (click to link to new page)


Locks and Locker Guidelines

Everyone is allowed to have a locker and lock, but the lock must be purchased or given to the student. The lockers are considered school property, so one cannot damage or place anything on their locker.It is suggested that nothing expensive or jewlery for it can be stolen.


  • Students are allowed to go to their locker:
  • In the morning berfore school
  • before lunch
  • after lunch
  • If told to be a Saff member
  • With a teacher


Lunchtime and Recess Guidelines
Valleyview does not have a buy-on-site lunch service. The PTA will provide a pre-ordered lunch most Mondays and Thursdays. These lunches will be available for order at Petermathews.com. Valleyview fundraisers may also be available for short periods of time on other days. Students may be allowed to change their seats when ever they wish to. These lunch order forms will be sent home in your friday folders. All students at Valleyview Middle School are to stay on school grounds unless permitted by a note from a teacher or parent. If a student is to see a teacher during their lunch period, they must have a note from that teacher. Students are to listen to all lunch personnel and can only be dismissed by them. Students are only to consume food in the lunch room and are asked to have a reusable lunch bag to bring their lunch or take home leftovers. Valleyview's cafeteria "laws" are generally to keep students safe while eating. The main hazards the school authorities are trying to avoid are choking, injury, death, allergic reactions, etc. For these reasons, glass bottles are not allowed. Everyone must also be seated in the cafeteria, unless throwing out garbage or getting food, for if they are walking around, the room will be too crowded and it would create a safety hazard. Only a staff member may dismiss the students' tables, and if they need to leave the cafeteria, they must acquire a pass from a staff member. Being clean and neat is also a priority, and that is why throwing food in the cafeteria is not tolerated under any costs. Students must throw out all of their garbage, and must be careful not to leave it on the floor, and must inspect the floor and table before they can be dismissed. Foods and beverages must be eaten in the cafeteria only .No food may be shared among students to prevent allergic reactions. We must also focus on saving the environment, so Valleyview encourages its students to recycle. 


Cell Phone Guidelines

Students are not allowed to use walkmans, beepers, cell phones or other electronic devices during classes. During lunch, recess, before and after school are acceptable times of use.

1st offense: written warning

2nd offense: confiscation, returned at the end of the day

3rd offense: confiscation, returned at the end of the week, calling parents/guardians



Cell phones are permitted on the bus and before homeroom. Any students who are caught with cellular devices out other than these times will have it confiscated, and it will be available for pick up after school. Smart phones and IPod touches however, are permitted in class with a pass from that specific teacher. These devices can enhance the learning experience. Though if a student is caught while doing non-school related activities on their device, they will be automatically written up and will lose privileges. When not given a pass by a teacher smart phones/IPod touches must be turned off and, it must be stored in lockers along with regular cell phones.

Student Conduct Guidelines
Valleyview Middle School's goal is to encourage children to make the right choices, allows each student to express themselves and their unique qualities, and support a safe learning environment for everyone. Students are expected to treat other people and their surroundings how they want to be treated, with respect and kindness and to be obedient. They are to know that they can grow, learn and teach their knowledge to others in a safe environment. They are responsible for their all their actions.

MSZvPTU4YTlhZDcwNGRiYzRmY2FhZDBiNjM3ZGJjNjI1Y2VjJm9mPTA=.gifAll students should choose to learn and be responsible for assignments and respectful towards teachers. Students who perform a good deed will be recognized individually and rewarded. Concerns about students that happen in school during school hours should be brought up to a teacher, principal, counselor or superintendent. Problems will be brought up to the Board of Education if needed so. However, a teacher or administrator is usually able to find a solution. We do not tolerate harassment, intimidating, or bullying.

 A safe and healthy environment is need in order for students to reach their goals and these actions along with other disruptive behavior, affects both Valleyview's safe environment and the student's learning ability. Any behavior that is harmful to anything or anyone in any way in unacceptable and the student will be punished for it.


Student Appearance Guidelines

Students are able to wear clothing of their choice as a form of self expression and style. Though it is important for students to have self expression, it is necessary to keep a school environment that is able to learn without being distracted by the clothing other students is wearing. A final decision of appropriateness will be made by the vice principal/principal.

Students should follow the following rules:
- Tank tops that are “two fingers” or 1 inch wide straps are allowed as long as they fit snugly and undergarmets do not show.
- Clothing that includes inappropriate, drug/alcohol, gang/violence, or promotes racism shall NOT be worn in school.
- Open-toed shoes can be worn as long as you wear sneakers for gym.
- Clothing/accessories that could cause damage to other students shall NOT be worn.
- Shorts/skirts should be no shorter than your knuckles when hold against your sides.
- Hats, caps, or head coverings are allowed as long as they do not cover or drape over the eyes (face is visible). They must be taken off,  however, when you recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
- A change of gym appropriate clothes must be worn in P.E. and must not be worn in classes after.


School dances and social events guidelines

1. Social events are open to only students attending Valleyview.

2. ALL school rules are enforced

3. Before attending the dance you must fill out permission slip and/or give the money for the event

4.Students can only arrive 30 minutes after the social event starts no later

5.The student dress code is enforced for all dances/social events

6.No student absent the day of the event can attend

7.Students are not allowed outside of the school unless being picked up

8. Students can leave early ONLY if a parent is there 

 *School Dances and Social Events include refreshments and a D.J.


*All socials have the same rule as a regular school day and same dress codes apply. Every student attending the social must pay in advance (the week of the social). Students are not allowed to go outside or leave early (unless a parent/guardian is present)


Back pack guidelines

At Valleyview middle school students are allowed to have their backpacks with them through out the whole day. We let them have their backpacks because kids will always have their books and materials they need with them. We try to get as much class time as we can so it is very nice that the kids don’t have to go back to their lockers to get their books if they forget them. Bags are also allowed for another way for students to carry their books and they are better because they don’t take up that much room in the hallways. It is more convenient for the kids to always have their things with them.



Lock and Locker Guidelines 

Every student is given a locker. They are allowed to pick the location of their locker. They are given a lock at the beginning of the year. It is recommended that they use it but they don't have to. If they choose not to, then they are responsible for anything that is misplaced or stolen. Each student is allowed to decorate their locker however they want as long as it is not inappropriate or hurtful to other students or staff.


Locks and Locker Guidelines (Click to link to new page)

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